Do you have no time to backup your files or do you forget to do so? Are you concerned about online security? We offer a number of backup and maintenance solutions to ensure your data is kept safe, including monthly maintenance, unlimited back up and regular back up plans, Cloud solutions and data restoration.


Business Protection Plan

$100.00 + GST  /user /month

Monthly remote maintenance

Full system scan

System updates

Antivirus Protection

Data loss prevention

Backup to local disk

Unlimited Cloud backup


Off-site Backup Plan

$200.00 + GST  /site /month

Backup to removable hard drive

Complete site backup

Weekly site visit for hard drive rotation

Backup media provided


Cloud Backup Plan

$100.00 + GST  /user /month

Unlimited data backup of your cloud services

Data archived before modification, deletion

Email backup at message level

Unlimited archiving of all your data

Real-time Cloud to Cloud backup

Real-Time Local to Cloud backup

Drag and drop upload web interface






IT infrastructure


Our team of experts offer sound advice and solutions to meet all your IT needs:  A wide range of hardware and software • Desktop and laptop upgrades to Solid State Drives • Equipment and component lease options • Help setting up and access to networks


IT is like a garden. You have to prune and nurture it regularly, otherwise, it will become overgrown • We can help you to stay ahead, future-proofing your business by thinking ahead and planning your future IT needs, now.