Definition | Cybersecurity* is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.



Bloody Computers deploys a combination of protection, monitoring, and redundant systems to secure your important data and provide business continuity.



Dr.WEB Security Space

Dr.WEB offers highest-grade anti-virus protection that provides an impenetrable barrier to all present and future computer threats without exception. It's anti-virus sets itself apart from all other AV-vendor products by not adhering to an update schedule; the release of a virus update is immediate once a new threat appears and is analyzed.

Dr.WEB customers include worldwide home users, small companies, large enterprises, and corporations.

Bloody Computers is a registered distribution partner for The Dr.Web product line.

Our team is actively deploying protection for users of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android platforms.


Comprehensive protection
HTTP monitor
Parental Control
Protection against data loss
Dr.Web Cloud

Recovering files compromised by encryption

If your data gets corrupted by encryption ransomware, do not perform any actions with the infected computer, contact Bloody Computers immediately for assistance.

Dr.WEB decryption service is available free of charge to owners of valid commercial licenses of Dr.Web Security Space.